The moon phases actually have a lot more power over us than you may think. It’s not just the gravitational pull or the tides. Nor is it the strange goings on from ware wolves to people going slightly crazy.

Have you ever thought about how the moon and its phases really affect us, or how we can use it to our advantage? 

Since the beginning of time the moon phases have affected us as humans. Just as it affects the ebbs and flows of the world oceans. Using this power to our advantage is therefore something we should seriously consider.

We should becoming familiar with the moon phases and adjusting our goals and actions with each phase. This allows us to achieve all that we want and more. While leaving behind what does not serve us.

Each new phase of the moon signals a movement towards our goals. Or a movement away from what does not serve us. During the first half we are full of energy and ready to achieve.  As we travel into the second half our energy begins to dip wane. The following explains each phase of the moon and how it affects our energy.

The Moon Phases and how they help us achieve our goals..

moon phases

The New Moon

A new moon signals the start of new beginnings. It’s a time to rid yourself of old habits and ‘junk’ that now won’t serve you, rather like taking out the emotional trash. Now is the time to start over again with a fresh new view and set of goals for the cycle ahead. In the eve of the new moon it is a good idea to realign yourself, meditate and rewrite your goals. Allowing yourself to make peace with the past and move forward to the future.

Waxing Moon

Around a week after a new moon we enter the waxing moon phase. The growing moon is a reminder for us to increase our speed and grow our goals. This is also the phase where we spring to action, put plans into place and watch our plans come to life. Just make sure you follow your plans as this is also a time where are impulses are at an all time high. Use the power and confidence to your advantage and push hard to achieve your goals.

Full Moon

This is the time we should be starting to see results, figuring out where we are achieving and where we need to work harder. The full moon can be a rather emotional time because of this. It is also a great time to reflect, re-energize and re-evaluate. Knowing where we stand goal wise and figuring out what we need to do during the next phase is important. The perfect time to cleanse ourselves and our crystals, if you are so inclined.

Waning Moon

Two weeks or so after a full moon comes the waning moon. This is the time our creativity slowly begins to flow back to it’s source, the new moon. As the moon is waning we should begin to take out the ‘trash’. Really begin to reflect on what we have achieved and what we need to rid ourselves of. All those goals and plans you had made.

Did you achieve the?

Did they serve you as you hoped? 

if not leave them behind and prepare to start over again.

… and the cycle begins age at the full/ dark moon. A time where we are reborn and reset our goals and intentions.

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