Turmeric is a highly potent spice that is also apart of the same family as ginger. It has been found to have many benefits including anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. It’s popularity has steadily grown due to it soothing and healing properties.

Turmeric has a chemical within called curcumin. According to WebMD curcumin is an effective antioxidant that is well known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this turmeric is well known in aiding the treat for problems with inflammation, such as arthritis. Studies have also found it to be helpful in soothing discomfort from colds and flus, heartburn, IBS, bloating and urinary tract infections to name a few. Plus, curcumin has also been found to positively effect moods and brain function.

All these benefits sound great right? Yes definitely!


But the problem many have is how do you add it into your daily lives.


So how do I add it in?


Here I have a few ideas of how to add turmeric into your day.turmeric and honey

For Colds and flus try turmeric tea or a mix of turmeric with honey…


Turmeric and Honey Throat soother 

Mix around one cup of decent quality honey with around three table spoons of turmeric. This bright yellow concoction is a fantastic way to help soothe throats and ease inflammation. The best part is this can be made ahead of time and stored for future use.

Turmeric Tea

Heat a cup of milk to warm, you can you any type of milk you like depending on taste and needs. Add to the warm milk a ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powered, ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger, to this a small amount of honey to sweeten.


For everyday use you can add turmeric to many things including curries, soups, stews, rice and even smoothies.

Please just remember to always consult your doctor if you have any health concerns and before you use turmeric as a remedy for any type of medical condition.

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