For a long time, I have lived in a black hole on the cusp of depression, suffering from terrible anxiety. Clouded judgment and a totally lack of motivation have weighed me down for a large part of my adulthood. I had got to the point where I decided that this is how it was always going to be and let my negative mindset rule me. I had tried to find happiness and motivation in so many different things and failed miserably so many times.

It wasn’t until I realised the only way I was going to find it was to change my own views and mindset.
This is the hard part! This is where it all begun…

It started with a need to change how I viewed things.  To be able to get to a point where I could achieve my goals I had to find the motivation to push through the hardest parts and not give up. Something I was never good at!

So here I was Kayla Itsines Sweat app open in my hand willing myself to start yet again with hopes that I will make it this time. Which yet again I didn’t. But… this time once I stumbled I got myself together and tried again. Something I had never really done, normally I would just quit and ignore it for months on end. Finally, I had found motivation! Albeit unintentionally I had found it.

You see it started probably around a year or so ago when a friend invited me to a fitness group they had started. It was the real type of group. A private one with a bunch of friends helping motivate each other. Something the finally resonated with me. I think it was that fact that everyone was so real about their journeys. Their wins and their fails. Now to be honest I don’t know where I would be without my daily exercises, it’s finally become a habit which I can’t do without something I have been trying so hard to do for so long.

mindset whats stopping you
Happy in the fact I have now conquered this.
That I have found a spark I never had before.

I drive to succeed further in all aspects of my life and take lessons from this into the future.

Looking back, I think like so many others it was failure I feared and a negative mindset that set me back.

After watching others work towards and achieve their goals I realised that in the end the failures will seem so insignificant compared to what you have achieved.

So, no matter what it is you want to achieve don’t think about all the ways you could fail, because you will!

Think about all you can achieve and how you will achieve it!

“Life is never meant to be easy. Struggle only makes you stronger.” -Dan Reynolds

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Sarah xx

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