Have you ever thought about how your judgements of others affects you?


I’m sure you realise at times yourself that your judgements can be unfair or unkind; but have you ever thought about how they affect your own mindset and well-being?

Or in fact ever wonder why you feel a certain way about a person or situation?

We are often quick to point the finger at people for reasons that aren’t always obvious. Many times the problem is not with the other person it is within ourselves. Therefor we must first work on ourselves.


Often our judgements come from somewhere deep with ourselves…


A deep-set idea we have about a certain people or groups of people.

An insecurity of our own selves or situation

Jealously of a person we may perceive as luckier, wealthy, happier or more successful or popular.

All these things are likely to be just perceptions with little truth or substance.


Rather than judging these people we should put the energy into figuring out why it is we are judging them.


What it is that is causing us to feel this way. So next time you feel yourself wanting to judge someone or something stop and just observe your thoughts and judgements.

As an example, we can often be very harsh in judging ourselves

“Oh, I’m too scared to do that I don’t know how and will likely fail?!”

Chance is you may fail, but on the other hand you may not you will never know if you don’t try.

Next time you have a thought like this stop and observe the judgement, look at it with curiosity.

“Why do I think I will fail?”

“Why do I not believe in my abilities?”

“What can I do to turn this around?”

These are all great questions to think about rather than straight judgements. Instead of judging yourself be kind look at how you can turn these thoughts around…

“I might fail but at least I learnt something and am growing”

“I may not have the abilities yet, but I know I can gain these”

“I’m strong and confident and can achieve anything I put my energy into”


Judgements and mindset are two things that can work hand in hand.


Therefore a negative mindset can lead you down a path of judging and jealousy. Working on our mindsets will increase both our confidence and positive self talk. For this reason practicing things such as gratitude, positive affirmations along with meditation and mindfulness are great ways to improve our mindsets. Incorporating each of these things into our daily lives will help us become more positive, confident people. In turn this will help us to become more compassionate and loving people.


Judgement is your resistance to love


Keen to know more about how a judgment detox may help you? Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein is an awesome resource. I found it truly eye opening reading about how judgment can affect us in so many ways and how releasing judgment can make a huge difference to our future selves.


Have you read the book? if you have let me know what you thought.