Are you in need of some inspiration, or looking for a new favourite family recipe?

If you are anything like me you struggle to come up with a nice range of healthy meals for your family. It’s the age old question that is the bane of all existence.

“What’s for Tea?”

It can be a hard balancing act trying to come up with healthy and nutritious meals everyone will eat. Likewise finding recipes that don’t take all day to prep and have pages of ingredients.

You know the ones they look so so good.. but the novelty wears off once your down to your last pot and you know who will end up cleaning them.

Right? I know this all too well.

As a result I have been on a mission to simplify meal times at home, while increasing our vegetable intake.

Firstly I hunted through my own recipe books. Then I asked around and have got some outside input into great recipe books. Some books you may know of, some maybe new to you.
To sum up I have come up with my top five recipe books you need in your kitchen. These books are packed full of simple and tasty meals your family will love.

Here is My Top 5 Must Have family recipe books for your kitchen..

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Three Veg and Meat; More veg, less meat; flip the balance on your plate,
By Olivia Andrews
Three veg and meat family recipe

You know you should be eating more healthy vegies – but sometimes you prefer burgers, nachos and chicken schnitzel to salad. So how do you get the dietary balance right without sacrificing flavour? Olivia Andrews has taken all your favourite dishes and magically flipped the balance to more veg and less meat.

Why not try out the tasty steak and kidney bean pie. Or maybe the quick the easy and delicious butternut chicken. These recipes have been made for the fussiest of eaters and will keep even the big meat eaters happy.

To sum up.. This is a failsafe family-friendly meal plan. Making vegetables the hero, for those scaling back but not cutting out meat altogether.

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The Feel-Good Family Food Plan,
By Joanna McMillan, Melissa Clarke

The only cookbook you need to feed your family well. Packed with simple solutions, easy-to-follow advice and expert tips, The Feel-Good Family Food Plan does the thinking for you, so you get delicious home-cooked food on the table, even on the most hectic of work and school days.

Need some inspiration when it comes to toast or pizza toppings? This book has that! With four weeks of meal plans and over 60 weeknight dinners you will always be on top of your evening meal routine.

Furthermore it is packed full of ideas to help feed fussy eaters, fill lunchboxes all while saving money. I know that this book will become a firm favourite in many more households.

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More Please! My Family Recipes You’ll Love to Cook and Share,
By Manu Feildel, Clarissa Weerasena

This is real food, with no skimping on flavour, infused with all the flair and flamboyance for which Manu is renowned. In other words this is not a chef’s book full of long fiddley recipes. It’s recipe book full of soon to be family favourites from all around the world. For example recipes from places such as France (of course) but also recipes from China, Sri Lanka and Spain.

Above all this book is a really awesome addition to your recipe collection. With pages full of tasty, yet easy everyday meals with a little extra flair.

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Easy Weeknight Meals,
By Nadia Lim & My Food Bag
easy weeknight meals family recipe

As a big fan of My Food Bag I can guarantee the recipes are simple and tasty. Most importantly they are all easy to prepare and family friendly and foolproof. So you can be assured your children will love them as much as you do.

Furthermore these recipes have been rated as favourites by My Food Bag customers, so you know they are good.

Nadia’s background as a dietitian and her strong healthy food philosophy ensures that they are nutritionally balanced and good for you.

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Homemade Happiness,
By Chelsea Winter
Home made happiness family recipes

Homemade Happiness is all about taking the time to make and share honest to goodness food. There’s no fancy, hard to find ingredients or complicated cooking techniques – just a vast array of delicious recipes designed to make you a legend in your own kitchen.

There are so many great recipes within this books. Some of our family favourites include. Way Better Devilled Sausages, Kiwi Shepard’s Pie and Chelsea Fried Chicken.

As a result you will have a great resource full to the brim with wholesome recipes your whole family should enjoy.

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To sum up meal times can be hard and often stressful. If you can organize ahead of time what you need and plan your meals for the week it can become much easier. Hopefully you can find a new favourite family recipe among the books I have recommended above. There are many great recipes that should keep even the fussiest eaters happy.

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