Have you thought about the impact plastic waste has on the planet?

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How you could move to a more sustainable lifestyle?

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With plastic free July around the corner now is the perfect time to make some sustainable changes and ditch the plastic waste. Each year in New Zealand we dump around 252 000 tonne of plastic waste in our landfills. This makes up around 8% of total waste sent to landfills. The huge amount of plastic waste is unsustainable and putting a strain on our resources.

Currently New Zealanders are living as if we have two planets. Which of course we don’t. This is why plastic free July is becoming more and more important. Now is the time that we take a close look at our consumption of plastic waste. Not only how we can reduce our consumption but how we can make better plastic free choices.
Whether you are new to the plastic free movement or not. There is an awesome range of plastic free alternatives out there. Below I would love to share with you some of the products I have swapped out around the house. These are products which I love and trust and know you guys will to.

Beauty Bar’s


Thinking about ditching the plastic bottles? Ethique has a great range of solid bars for all your beauty needs. Ethique is a local New Zealand company that specializes in solid beauty Bars. They pride themselves on being waste-free, cruelty-free and vegan and are B-Corp certified. Their products are sustainably sourced and made with naturally derived ingredients.

Ethique have an awesome selection on Shampoo and Conditioner bars. My Favourites being the Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar and Wonderbar Conditioner bar. (Which is also great for shaving and an in shower moisturiser.) They also offer purple toning bars to remove yellow tone in light haircolours.
Alongside the hair care range they also have Deodorant bars, face & body bars, plus a detangling bar for kids. Outside the bathroom they have a laundry stain remover and pet wash bar.

Want to ditch the bottle for good? Browse the awesome range of Ethique products here.

Safety Razors

Did you know around 22 billion razors are disposed of around the world in a single year? That is a huge amount of plastic waste. By swapping out your old razor for a stainless steel saftey razor you can help reduce this number. This plastic free Saftey Razor from CaliWoods is a favourite. It offers a close and easy shave leaving your legs feeling silky smooth. Not only that but the Rosewood colour looks gorgeous. Pair the CaliWoods razor with the Ethique Wonderbar and your well on your way to reducing your waste.


Made from sustainable non-GMO corn starch these toothbrushes from Grin are 100% biodegradable. A much better choice than there plastic counterparts. The bristles of these brushes are infused with charcoal. Which is well known for its antibacterial and whitening properties. The soft bristle make it a great choice for those with sensitive teeth and give a great all around clean. Grin also offer a bamboo handled brush for those who prefer. Want to see all the Grin offers, including toothpaste and kids brushes? Browse the range here.

Sustainable Storage

There is no need for brittle plastic drink bottles and lunchboxes these days. The Health Post have a great range of solutions to rid your kitchen of nasty single use plastics. There is an awesome range of stainless steel lunchboxes and containers. Beeswax wraps, Silicone pouches plus other food wrapping alternatives. Browse the range here.

Drink Bottles and Cups

Each year 295 million cups of take away coffee are consumed in New Zealand. Most of which end up in our landfills. With this in mind plastic free July is the perfect time to ditch those single use coffee cups and water bottles. With a great range of stylish drinking cups and bottles, you can be well on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle. Browse the range of both Cups and Bottles here.

Stainless Steel Pegs

No more brittle plastic pegs, swap them out for durable stainless steel pegs. CaliWoods Stainless Steel Pegs are made with marine grade stainless steel and have a 10 year guarantee. They hope to inspire positive, sustainable changes! Their epic Stainless Steel pegs are durable and help to reduce single-use plastic. CaliWoods are all about sharing eco information and getting involved with sustainability projects. 

Produce Bags

Single use plastic bags now banned in New Zealand, however we still use plastic bags for many products within stores. Such as produce bags. As a result we are now pretty used to remembering to bring along our reusable bags. This July could look at taking it a step further and investing in some reusable produce bags. There is a great selection of bags out there to suit most households. Nil have a stylish and functional selection of produce bags here. Chuck them in with your shopping bags so you don’t forget them. The amount of plastic you are saving may seem insignificant, but when added up over time is not.

Now you are armed with some great ideas on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Time to put these in practice and make a difference. It may all seem small and insignificant. But if we all replace even a couple of these items in our house combined it can make a huge difference. What products will you swap out this month?

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