Are you like me and struggle to organize healthy well-balanced meals for your family?

Time can be hard to come by, especially regarding food shopping and preparation. As a busy working mother, I had been looking for something simple, healthy and well-balanced. As a result, I decided to give Hello Fresh meal deliveries a try. Since then, I can’t see myself going back. They have been an absolute time and sanity saviour! Plus, with school and the activities afterwards going back shortly, I see them becoming even more beneficial.

After the first few weeks, I truly believe that meal kit delivery subscriptions are one of the best ideas to date. You can,

Ditch the stressful evenings rushing around trying to get something on the table.

Forget same old same old bland meals.

Plus there will be no more; we forgot to get the meat out of the freezer freakouts.

Here’s how our week of Hello Fresh went,

Ordering Made Easy

Ordering the meal delivery was straightforward. All you need to do is choose the number of people you are feeding, the number of meals you want per week, and the type of meals you prefer.

Once you are all set up, you can download their simple to use App; this allows you to choose your weekly meals, change dates or skip weeks, change your box size all while on the go with a click of the button.

Furthermore, you can tailor your weekly menu to suit many circumstances; With a great range of upgrades such as gourmet meals, fresh and fast fifteen-minute meals and dinner to lunch sides. They also have a great range of add ons such as desserts, snacks, fruit and breakfast options. I was very impressed by the range available.

I know the fresh and fast meals will be so helpful here with after school activities running into the evenings at times!

Hello Fresh

What to Expect in Your Hello Fresh Delivery

When your order arrives, you will notice that the ingredients for each recipe come packed into separate colour-coded paper bags. (Aside from the chilled stuff, which comes in a sealed insulated bag.) For me, this is a bonus. It sets them aside from other meal delivery companies I have tried.

I love that when it comes to mealtime, all you need to do is grab the colour-coded bag plus the chilled stuff and get started—taking away the hassle out of having to sift through the cupboards looking for ingredients.

Mealtimes Made Easy

I like to think of myself as a keen cook, and I always enjoy cooking meals and trying out new food. But, as I know and you probably will agree, it is hard to come up with meals day in and day out. We often rotate a few quick, easy meals.

When I first looked into Hello Fresh, I was taken aback by the great variety of meals they offered; there is truly something there for everyone! Subsequently, we have been able to try a whole range of different flavours and cuisines. Full of fresh, high-quality ingredients. (No boiled frozen vegetables to be seen.)

Our Families thoughts on Hello Fresh meals


In conclusion, our first week of Hello Fresh went very well; we were all impressed with the quality and range of meals available. I had been a little apprehensive about how it would go with a partner and an eight-year-old who are very much meat and three veg people. It turns out I didn’t need to be; For the most part, we have all enjoyed the meals so far. (the kid took a little coaxing to eat some meals, but that’s pretty normal for her.) Our favourite so far would be The Chicken & Creamy Chive Sauce with Wedges and Garlicky Vegetables, followed closely by Nan’s Spiced Steak. Both meals received high praise from partner and child, making them winners in our books.

If you are anything like us and hate the ‘what’s for tea’ dilemma, Hello Fresh would be an excellent option for you. They take the guesswork out of mealtimes by delivering the fresh, high-quality ingredients straight to your door.

Finally, I would like to thank Hello Fresh for gifting me a free box to try and review.

If you are keen to try it out for yourself CLICK HERE, or use my code FEELGOOD120 for up to$120 off your first four boxes.