Be Your Best Self By Rebekah Ballagh


By Rebekah Ballagh

Ten Life-changing ideas to reach your full potential.

Practical strategies to help you transform the way you see yourself and create lifelong change.

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It’s time to embrace your full potential. Covering everything from your inner critic to perfectionism, self-sabotage and procrastination, soothing your nervous system to limiting beliefs to inner child work to boundaries and self-love, Be Your Best Self is here to guide you. With the help of Rebekah Ballagh discover your barriers to growth and contentment and, most importantly, explore ways to become your best self.


10 life-changing ideas to help you reach your full potential…
–   Discover your inner critic & inner worth
–   Decode your emotions
–   Step out of the worry trap
–   Break free from self-sabotage
–  Tame your thoughts
–  Rewrite your limiting beliefs
–  Let go of what others think
–  Protect your energy
–  Create healthy habits
–  Learn to love yourself


This book offers some great practical advice in an easy-to-read format. It really does make you stop and think about things. Since I started following Rebekah online I have found meaning behind many things I do and how I react to situations. Now that I am aware of them I can finally work towards mending these. I hope that others may be able to also find some meaning and help within her books as I have, hence why I have chosen to share them here. Interested to see what else Rebekah has to offer to follow here to find more of her books.


Author Biography:
Rebekah Ballagh is the bestselling author of Note to Self, Note to Self Journal, Words of Comfort and Big Feelings. She’s a qualified counsellor, self-development coach, trainer, speaker and the creator of popular Instagram community @journey_to_wellness_



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