NIL Compostable Dishcloth – Honey Hive


Nil Compostable Dishcloth – Honey Hive is made from a cotton and cellulose blend and printed with vegetable ink.

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Nil Compostable dishcloth will be a life changer in the Kitchen. These super absorbent cloths not only look good but are hard working and durable too.

  • Replaces 15 rolls of paper towels, saving you money and creating nil harm
  • Soften in contact with water and can absorb 15 x it’s weight
  • They also dry fast so they don’t breed bacteria or smell
  • Reusable for around 6 months, they can be machine washed when needed
  • At the end of their life, throw them in your compost where they will break down in approx. 6 weeks
Nil Compostable Cloths are simple to use. Simply wet to soften this cloth before use.
  • Durable for repeated machine wash or top rack of dishwasher.
  • Will break down in home compost in 6 weeks.
About Nil

When you buy a nil it comes with a story.  You invest in a life of change.  Nil invite you to not just buy something good, but to do something good. A nil product is real, personal investment in transforming lives.

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