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Curious about acupressure? This is a great place to start! The Shakti Originals are your ticket to a deep and restorative acupressure session. Designed for massage therapy to effectively target deep tissue and melt away tension. After a few teething sessions you’ll understand why it “hurts so good”.

The Shakti Mat unlocks the benefits of acupressure to relax your body and ease your mind, in the comfort of your own home.

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The Shakti Mat uses the ancient art of acupressure to turn attention inwards, promoting deep relaxation

Acupressure is a long-standing and well trusted healing practice from Eastern Medicine. While this practice is reasonably new to the Western world, it dates back 2,000 years and is now adopted by reputable practitioners around the world. The Shakti Mat mimics this ancient healing technique to reproduce the benefits and make the practice of acupressure more widely available.

How can it benefit me?

The spikes apply pressure to your skin and muscles to support:

– Deep, restful sleep
– Healthy circulation
– Relaxation of tense muscles
– Soothing of headaches
– Relief from stress
– Relaxed body and mind
– General vitality

What to expect?

We’re going to be honest, lying on sharp spikes can be a little intense at first, but your body is going to love you for it.

First, you will experience a prickly discomfort that is tempting to resist. Once you push through, the sensations melt into a tingly warmth, known as the addictive “Shakti burn”. After 20 minutes it’s time for the real reward—the full-body sensation kicks in, tension washes away and you’re ready for deep sleep.

Shakti Wellbeing Guarantee; Our promise to improve well-being extends from craftspeople to you, to charitable initiatives. Every purchase generates a donation, no matter if you return or exchange your Shakti.

Curious about acupressure? This is a great place to start! The Original intensity is your ticket to a deep and restorative acupressure session. A good balance of challenge and reward. Choose from four colours: Black, Pink, Orange or Green. Keen to know more? Check out the rest of the range here

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